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LIN Kolloquium

Abstract: Electrical micro-stimulation delivered intra-cortically remains the most effective intervention method to induce predictable, controlled changes in visual perception in primates.
Using small, punctate currents in conjunction with visual activation allows us to induce complex percepts of visual objects, requiring the specific conjunction of more than one visual parameter.
I will show how such interventions require not only the precise localization of neurons that contribute to a specific visual task, but also an understanding of how contextual factors like reward and social influence shape visual processing.
Extending these findings, electrophysiological recordings from groups of cells reveal how neuronal interactions over time shape more complex visual percepts.
In the absence of visual input, whatever method is used to effect control over visual perception, it will be important to characterize and replicate the spatio-temporal patterns of electrical activation in the three-dimensional architecture of cortical circuits in primates. 

LIN Kolloquium
Letzte Änderung: 04.05.2017 - Ansprechpartner: Falco Plümecke

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